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We've eased it up for you. Whatever your business size, offer your customers a fully integrated
shopping experience with our financing, pay-later and split-payment solutions. An efficient way
to generate incremental sales and attract, convert and retain customers.


The senior experience

Our partnerships are based on open communication, accessibility and flexibility. That way, we create mutual benefits and measurable results. In our work with leading retailers and promising challengers, we continuously innovate and optimise our processes.
We're not an ordinary credit lender, we're a fintech at your service, pushing boundaries to meet your (customer's) expectations.

Fully integrated in your check-out

Your business is unique. Therefore, we tailor our solutions to your needs and fit them perfectly to your check-out. As a plus, our solutions and processes are compatible with your existing PSP check-out (e.g. Ingenico) and are automated trough APIs, minimising your IT impact.

State-of-the-art technology meets sustainability

Sustainability is key in our partnerships. As an independent fintech company, we develop responsible, ethical and ecological financing solutions. Buy Way continuously strives to implement sustainable alternatives throughout its value chain. We offset our CO2 emissions, replace paper by digital services, produce eco-friendly cards and recycle expired ones. Since 2021, we also instantly grant virtual credit cards in our handy app.

Why choose Buy Way ?

A technological head
start in all channels
Create fulfilment at every customer touchpoint
without any certified staff intervention.

We support your customer relations and integrate your loyalty programme in our co-branded finance solutions.

We integrate advanced secure technologies
in our solutions such as digital signing (e.g. itsme®)
for fully independent flows and processes.

We're here
to help
Our commercial team gets things done.
Your dedicated Key Account Manager guides
you throughout your journey.
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A seamless opti-channel shopping experience

Your customers apply for a credit card solution in only 8 minutes. A simple and intuitive process, accessible to a wide audience.
Flexible financial solutions
Allow your customers to pay over a period of time with fixed monthly reimbursements. No hidden costs or strings attached.
Instant granting process
No need for manual confirmations, lengthy decision processes or staff intervention. You achieve fulfilment at every customer touchpoint, fully automated with instant granting and digital signing.
Smooth enrolment
Customers can instantly manage their finance solution in the Buy Way Mobile app. They can autonomously check-out in-store or online, and that's an added value for you as a retailer.
Various payment options
When checking out, online or in-store, your customers can easily access their virtual credit card in our app and choose Mastercard® at check-out. Or they can simply pay with Apple Pay or Google Pay.
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Our solutions have been developed so that they have as little IT impact as possible for retailers. We largely take advantage of automated processes and reconciliation flows.
Together with our commercial and technical staff, we plan in detail the development and implementation of (y)our financing solution, customised to your business.
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