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Buy Way goes for a positive impact on people and the planet, today and tomorrow

At Buy Way, we make sustainability an integral part of both our societal policy and our credit and loans activity. As an independent fintech company, we promote responsible, ethical and ecological financing solutions. We are committed to offering financing solutions that respect the environment, society and our immediate stakeholders.
Our environmental initiatives

We use natural resources responsibly to leave enough of them for future generations.
In 2023, 92% of our contracts were signed electronically. We reduced paper printing by 90% since 2014. Besides cards made from recycled PVC, we also offer virtual cards. And in 2022, we moved to a BREEAM-awarded sustainable building.
We extend our efforts beyond our company. Buy Way is not an island, so we cooperate with our partners and clients to develop sustainable, inclusive and ethical ways of doing business. Together, we can create systemic change.
Our employees are aware of our social and environmental responsibilities. We motivate and encourage staff to act sustainably. We also make it easier for our staff to adopt eco-friendly transportation options.
Our societal initiatives

We partner up with charity organisations to make this world a better place for all.
We contribute to the common good through community investment and volunteering. For instance, we support Graine de Vie, an NGO specializing in reforestation in developing countries. This is vital to generate local work, food and resources, but the trees also absorb CO2 and stop soil erosion.
Our employees are actively engaged in our sustainability mission. Each department works towards KPIs regarding societal, environmental and human impact. Innovative ideas and approaches are shared and taken up within the company.
Our internal initiatives

We foster a diverse and inclusive workplace. Through innovation, we create an equitable future for our stakeholders.
We respect our staff and customers in their diversity. We raise awareness to combat discrimination and to embrace diversity. Our commitment to transparency and "responsible credit" is unwavering.
We take care of the wellbeing of our staff with regular wellness programmes and sports activities. We promote a positive work-life balance and make this possible through options such as homeworking and mobility packs.

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I am proud to lead a company driven by a commitment to make a meaningful and positive impact, not only in the business world but also in the communities and environment we serve.

Guillaume Lobjoie — CEO